Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Black Friday & Cyber Monday

Black Friday and Cyber Monday is almost here.. *cue dramatic music*

 The annunal events that fall upon the same weekend are only two weeks away - 25th and 28th November - and they are fast becoming the biggest online shopping days ever! So it's time to get prepared if you're going to get on those sales and get yourselves some bargains.

 For those braving the high-street or those who prefer to find the best deals at home in your pjs, we decided to give you some top tips for getting the best deals...

Do your research... know what it is exactly that you want to buy otherwise you'll just be buying anything and everything!

Stick to your list... after doing your research create a list and don't stray! Yes, there might be the temptation to add extra things to your basket because they're so cheap but it'll soon add up and there goes your budget. But if you find yourself having bought everything you set out for and then have a little extra cash then why not treat yourself. It's Christmas!

Try things on... always try things on, it'll save so much time. You see something and just can't resist buying it because of the price but once you get home it just looks awful and now you're stuck with this purchase. Don't worry we've all been there.

 Good luck and may the odds be ever in your favour...

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