Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Magic Has No Size


New York based-artist Jonquel Norwood has reinvented some of our favourite Disney princesses in a way that is more relatable in today's society with clothes on trend and with confidence and positive body attitudes.

For her 'Magic Has No Size' series, Norwood created curvy versions of Cinderella, Jasmine, Belle, Snow White and more of our childhood idols.


"I was body shamed most of my life and... like most, I believed I had to slim down in order to truly be a member of society," she shared with Bustle.

"I created these designs to celebrate the 67 per cent of women who are unrepresented in today's media," she said in a statement. "All of the princessess are wearing clothing inspired by actual plus size brands, in an effort to draw attention to those who have dedicated their brands to dressing curvy women."

We cannot get enough of these refreshing designs and can't wait to see more!

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