Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Kahmune: 10 Shades, 1 Mission

There's a new British shoe brand on the scene that is launching a collection available to all. Kahmune,  was created back in February 2016, where founder Jamela Acheampong, was browsing social media in search for 'nude' clothes and accessories. When the search results for 'nude' came up, she noticed that the same beige-y, tan shades were coming up. Unable to find a nude shoe suitable for her, she decided to do something about it - and that's when Kahmune was born.

Kahmune - a play on the world 'commune' which is derived from the word community, Acheampong wanted a name that signified unity. Available in 10 shades, in two types of shoe; a classic heeled pump and a simple sample, the "hues take inspiration from different parts of the world."

What makes this brand different and the shoes themselves, is that the shades of the shoe have been perfectly matched to popular foundation colours. 'GOA' for example, matches MAC NC20, L.A. Girl Fair and Black Up Teinte 3, whereas, 'ENUGU' matches MAC NW45, L.A. Girl Bronze and Black Up Teinte 10.

Speaking to Stylist, Acheampong said, "The fashion and beauty industries have been built on exclusion and I personally believe its high time we changed that. Kahmune is about being inclusive. All shades are beautiful."

Available for pre-order in February and start shipment in March, the shoes range from £200 to £250.

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