Friday, 4 August 2017

Peel-Off Foundation

Peel-off foundation, yes, it's a thing - are we even surprised anymore about the latest bizarre beauty craze? We've had feathered brows, glitter boobs, holographic hair and now peel-off foundation.

 Youtuber Raye Boyce tested out not4you's Real Skin Patch, a Korean product that is designed to act as a barrier between your skin and your make-up, and even help prevent acne.

Technically not a foundation, the mask is tinted to suit your skin tone and used before foundation - creating that barrier between skin and make-up.

After applying the mask to her face, Boyce says, "If I were to describe how it feels on the skin, it feels like I applied a thin layer of a peel-off mask." But after blending her foundation, the mask started to peel by itself.


And the verdict? "It's not working, guys," the vlogger says.

Another fad that'll be trending for a couple weeks and will appear all over your Instagram and YouTube and over time will fade into the background like every other beauty craze of 2017.

I think we'll just stick to our normal foundations and BB creams.

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