Thursday, 12 October 2017

ASOS launches same day delivery


This is not a drill, this is happening.

As of today, ASOS will be offering same day delivery and we're so here for it.

We simply cannot count how many times we've planned out an outfit in our heads for our big night out then when it comes to physically trying it on, we just look like a sack of potatoes. Your evenings already ruined because now you have nothing to wear and it's too late to find something else.

But now thanks to good old ASOS that's all about to change, but there's just one catch.

Trialling the new 'ASOS Instant' in London's 122 post codes and major cities in the future, you will have to place your order before 10am to be eligible for same day delivery. Order before 10am, Sunday to Friday with delivery between 6-10pm all for £12.95.

Quite a stretch on the bank account if you ask us, but worth it if all your outfit troubles are answered.

Just when you thought ASOS could get any better, they pull this one out of the bag.

Well done ASOS, well done!

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