Thursday, 22 December 2016

What to Watch

The other day we brought you our favourite Christmas songs so we thought it would be rude not to share our favourite festive films with you as well as the Christmas classics.

The Grinch
Ellen's Favourite
Love Actually


It's a Wonderful Life

The Santa Clause

Miracle on 34th Street

A Christmas Carol

The Holiday

The Nightmare Before Christmas
Donna's Favourite

Home Alone

Deck the Halls
 Gemma's Favourite

However, you can't forget about all the TV Christmas specials that will be gracing our screens. We personally can not wait for the last time we shall be seeing Mary Berry, Sue and Mel on our screens in the Great British Bake Off. For those still watching Doctor Who, look out for their Christmas special. And we can't forget all our favourite soaps and what they have in store for us.

It's all going on and it's the time to be snuggled up and enjoy spending time with all our loved ones and feeling all festive!


On the nineth day...


On the nineth day of Fitmas...

A look at how Brick Lane does Christmas


Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Who is Father Christmas?

Over the years there has been much debate over who Father Christmas is and more importantly what is the actual colour of his suit? Is it originally red or green? Or the most common question, did Coca-Cola invent the big guy? Well, we wanted to know so we did some digging...

The man behind the story of Father Christmas and who started the tradition is St. Nicholas. St. Nicholas was a Bishop who lived in the fourth century in a place called Myra in Asia Minor, which today is Turkey. After his parents died when he was young, he was left with all their fortunes and went on to help the poor and often left secret gifts to people who needed it.

The most famous story about St. Nicholas is the one in which hanging stockings above the fire place became a tradition. The story goes like this:

There was once a poor man who had three daughters. He was so poor that he did not have enough money for his daughters to get married. And so, Nicholas decided that he would help. One night he secretly dropped a bag of gold down the chimney into the man's house, meaning that the eldest daughter could get married. The bag fell down the chimney and just happened to fall into the stocking hanging by the fire. Nicholas, then repeated this another time for the second daughter. The man was determined to catch whoever was being so kind and decided to hide by the fire every evening until he caught Nicholas dropping the bag a third time. Nicholas begged the man not to say anything because he did not want the attention. But soon word got out and whenever anyone received a gift, it was thought to be Nicholas.

Because of his acts of kindess Nicholas became a Saint, and so St. Nicholas was born. He later died on the 6th December in either 345 or 352 - nobody knows the exact date. And this is when the Feast of St. Nicholas started. In some European countries, such as Holland, they celebrate St. Nicholas' Day, where children leave clogs and shoes out on the 5th December - St. Nicholas Eve - to be filled with presents.

During the 16th century in Northern Europe, stories of St. Nicholas became a thing of the past and the traditions of Father Christmas or Old Man Christmas became popular.

In the USA, he had another name, Kris Kringle from the Christkind. Later Dutch, settlers in the USA took inspiration from the stories of St. Nicholas and Kris Kringle and so came the name 'Sinterklaas, or Santa Claus.

St. Nicholas became popular once again in the Victorian era when poets and writers rediscovered the old stories.

In 1823, the famous poem, 'A Visit from St. Nicholas' or most commonly known 'T'was the Night Before Christmas' was published. In the poem, we are introduced to the eight reindeers that carry the sleigh. They became so well known that the song 'Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer' was written in 1949.

Over the years the British, Father Christmas and the American's, Santa Claus became more and more alike and now have become the same. Although there are still questions about where he really lives. The American's belive he lives in the North Pole, whereas European's say he lives in the northern region of Lapland in Finland.

But everyone agrees that he travels through the night on a sledge with his eight reindeers, with Rudolph leading the way.

 Finally, the biggest debate of all time... what colour is his suit?

It's said that Coca-Cola created the red suit and some even go as far as saying that the company even created the man himself. Yet, according to our research this is definitely not true!

The robe that St. Nicholas originally wore was a Bishop's robe, and they often came in a range of colours - green, being the most popular, but they also wore red, blue and brown.

In January 1863, Harper's Weekly published the first illustration by Thomas Nast. In the illustration he was wearing a 'Stars and Stripes' outfit. Over the years, the illustrations and image of Father Christmas started to develop and in 1881, the most famous and recognisable image of a big red belly, armful of toys and smoking pipe was created.

Now this is where Coca-Cola came onto the scene. In the 1920's, the iconic Father Christmas with a large belly, looking all jolly whilst holding a bottle of the fizzy pop was introduced. 

From there, thanks to modern advertising this became the standardised image and the rest is history.


Brick Lane giving us some words of inspiration

Christmas Cracker

Why did the snowman pull out of Strictly? 

Because he got cold feet πŸŽ„

On the eighth day...


On the eighth day of Fitmas...

a throwback to our measuring guide

London at Christmas


 Regents Street lights are giving us all the Christmas feels

Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Our Year

Our Insta year in review

Our Christmas Playlist

(Image: Gather & Feast)

If you're like us and sat in the office just waiting for the Christmas festivities to begin or one of the lucky ones sat at home wrapping presents, then this is the playlist for you. With only five days to go until the big day we've put together a list of just some of our favourite songs to get you in the mood.

All I Want for Christmas Is You - Mariah Carey
Donna's Favourite

Fairytale of New York - The Pogues

Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow! - Dean Martin

Last Christmas - Wham!
Gemma & Brenda's Favourite

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year - Andy Williams

Step into Christmas - Elton John
Ellen's Favourite

One More Sleep - Leona Lewis

I Wish It Could Be Christmas Everyday - Wizzard

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas - Michael Buble

Mistletoe and Wine - Cliff Richard
Alex's Favourite

Driving Home for Christmas - Chris Rea

On the seventh day...

On the seventh day of Fitmas...

A fittings room selfie from Claire

On the sixth day...

On the sixth day of Fitmas...

A behind the scenes look at Toni's shoot at Bamford

On the fifth day...

On the fifth day of Fitmas...

Spot the Santa

On the fourth day...

On the fourth day of Fitmas...

FD team feeling festive

On the third day..

On the third day of Fitmas...

We give you our Christmas competition winner, Chloe!

Thursday, 15 December 2016

Gifts Gifts Gifts


Goodies galore have arrived at the office today thanks to one of our lovely models 

Wednesday, 14 December 2016

On the second day..


On the second day til Christmas we give you... Leon

Christmas Giveaway



If you want to win our Christmas Fittings Division fittings essential goodie bag all you have to do is head over to our Instagram and give our competition posts a like and make sure you're a follower to be in with a chance of winning. It's that simple!


Tuesday, 13 December 2016

On the First Day til Fitmas

Today starts day one of 12 days til Fitmas - yes, we've put our own little spin to it...

So, on the first day of Fitmas, we bring you us!

One Fittings Division team

Monday, 12 December 2016

Starting tomorrow...

As of tomorrow we shall be doing a '12 days till Christmas' for the run up to Christmas over on our Instagram page @fittingsdivision

Make sure you're following us to see all the festive fun



Delicious Christmas treats from the amazing JenπŸŽ…πŸΌπŸŽ„πŸ’— 
Thank you so much!

Friday, 9 December 2016

It's that time again..


You know what to do by now to be in a chance of winning. Head over to our Instagram page, give this picture a like and make sure you're following us.

The winner shall be revealed next week!

Good luck

Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Ashley Graham for British Vogue

Last month we told you about the latest cover star to grace the cover of fashion's bible, British Vogue. The powerhouse had decided to differ from what they normally put on the front cover and go with plus-size, supermodel of the moment, Ashley Graham. Being one of a small handful of 'fuller-figured' women to feature on the magazine, it was refreshing to see a change within the industry. But this change wasn't welcomed by all. 

It has been revealed by editor, Alexandra Schulman, that some designers 'flatly refused to lend us their clothes' for the cover shoot with Graham. Writing in the magazine, Schulman said that whist some brands were 'enthusiastic about dressing a woman who is not a standard model' but others were not. Those other designers? We will never know who, as the magazine refused to disclose that information.

In the end, it was luxury brand Coach, who came to the rescue to provide clothing for the shoot - 'The shoot was put together fairly last-minute and we are all very grateful to the people at Coach who moved speedily to provide clothes for us that had come from outside their sample range,' Schulman wrote.

She continued, 'It seems strange to me that while the rest of the world is desperate for fashion to embrace broader definitions of physical beauty, some of our most famous fashion brands appear to be travelling in the opposite - and, in my opinion, unwise - direction.'

So why did certain brands refuse to provide clothes? Is it because they don't want to ruin their brand's image and reputation by being associated with dressing a plus-size model? Or that their other advertisers might frown upon this decision?

We'll never know, but all we can say is that we can't get enough of this cover and we want to see more..


Half way through a full day of fittings for 'Model of the Moment' Sarah

All of the Lights

Carnaby Christmas Revolution

Monday, 5 December 2016

Monday BTS

 MoM Sarah is all set for a day of fittingsπŸ‘©πŸ»πŸ’‹

Model of the Moment

 Sarah Hadzipasic



 Islington, London

What were you doing before you became a fit model:
Before I became a fit model, I was a customer service desk colleague for a food retailer

What do you enjoy most about your job:
 The thing I enjoy the most about this job is getting the first look at the new trends coming in for the seasons for each brand I work with

Essentials you take to castings:
 In my fit kit bag, I have a vest top, leggings and heels

Dream job:
I think I am currently in my dream job, as I have achieved so much through being a fit model

Currently listening to:
AlunaGeorge's ablum, I Remember

Favourite movie:
This might take me a while... can't really narrow it down but I'm a total nerd so either a Marvel film, Star Wars or any Tarantino film

Obsessed with right now:
 Tattoos - I currently have 26 and want more!

Guilty pleasure:
 Taking myself out for dinner and reading a good book

Last book you read:
Gone Girl

Biggest pet peeve:
People who don't say please or thank you

Twitter or Instagram:
 Instagram - @sarah_is_smiley

Favourite emoji:

What do you get up to in your spare time:
 I like to be out, I like exploring new places and trying new things

If you have another job, how do you find a balance between the two and how do you cope:
 I work as a fittings model four full days a week and I have a weekend job as well for 8 hours. I cope by juggling everything and fitting things around my work life

Sum yourself up in three words:
 Fashionable, careering and fiesty

Highlight of your career:
 Doing an art project with Grayson Perry in which he sketched me, made a clay form of me and the art work was on display at the National Gallery for three months, as part of the 'Who Are You' series
What does the rest of 2016 hold for you:
 As 2016 finishes, I plan to work hard with my fitting/modelling career and celebrate Christmas with my family

Friday, 2 December 2016

The Rules

by Hemingsworth
 Listen out for our talented artist who had the pleasure of doing the voice over

Model of the Moment

Introducing next week's Model of the Moment, Sarah

Keep a look out for everything she gets up too over on our Insta all next week

FD Recommends: STRUT & CLUCK

 If you are like us, always wanting to find the perfect undiscovered spot, where you can go relax and have a good time, then look no further. We have found the place for you... Strut & Cluck.

Situated on Commerical Street, in the heart of uber-trendy Shoreditch, Strut & Cluck offers free range turkey inspired by the owners eastern Mediterranean heritage, proving that 'Turkey isn't just for Christmas.'

A rather rustic feel, with a mis-match of chairs combined with their choice of artwork and the use of natural plants, gives the place a modern and fresh feel that feels very LA. And if you're lucky, you might be able to spot a celeb or two..

For a mouth-watering, burst of flavour try the salad of roasted halloumi with orange, beetroot and roasted walnuts. And as for the turkey, go for the sticky wings. The meat is succulent, moist and falls off the bone. What more could you ask for?!

 And, as of the end of December they shall be adding even more incredible flavours to the menu with the introduction of fish, lamb and beef.

A true hidden gem.

Thursday, 1 December 2016