Wednesday, 30 August 2017


Have you noticed anything different about Zara's latest collection images?

No? We'll give you a little hint - have a look at their choice of models.

Still can't figure it out? Well if you look closely at the models you'll notice that for their Timeless collection, the fashion brand has opted to only use models over the age of 40.

The campaign features models Malgosia Bela, Yasmin Warsame and Kristina de Conick and not only do they showcase the clothing well, they also get to discuss and be open about how aging has affected their style and what getting older means to them.

The collection itself is filled with ageless pieces from knitwear and midi skirts to basic jeans and outerwear. Showing that Zara isn't just for the younger ones and they're doing their part to show that. After all fashion is about inclusivity and not exclusivity.

Shop the collection now.

L'Oreal Paris Diversity Initiative


Model Munroe Bergdorf has become the first transgender model to join L'Oreal Paris diversity campaign.

The activist and DJ from East London came out as gay aged 15 and began living as a women just three years later. Seeing herself as a 'role option' rather than a role model, she is stil finding herself, just like everyone and it's not easy.

 "I definitely set out to empower girls like me," Munroe adds. "Not many people know that it was trans women of colour that fought for gay rights that started the Stonewall riots, which eventually led to the gay rights movement." 

One of five new ambassadors to front the beauty brands YoursTruly True match campaign which continues to celebrate diveristy and inclusivity within the beauty industry, Munroe hopes to break down those barriers Transgender people face.  

With the brand launching five new darker foundation shades next month, this will see their range include 28 options.

"Makeup has definitely been a way of me reflecting how I feel inside and it's a direct expansion of who I am," she says. "Going into a store and finding makeup that helps you achieve those small victories, I think that's amazing."

Munroe will join other new embassadors, blogger Mercedes Benson, model Neelam Gill and other embassadors Cheryl, Katie Piper and Gary Thompson.



Sarah's ready for a full day of fits



Society is obsessed with perfection.

Everyday we're faced with unrealistic body goals, pressure to look a certain way and constantly bombared with images of the most beautiful people. And it takes it's toll.

When we talk about body positivity and confidence people just assume that we're talking about women but that's not the case. Men face these issues too.

So when fashion photographer Tarik Carroll set out to create a photo series to promote body positivity in men, he wasn't expecting the reaction he got.

EveryMAN - what began as a collection of 90's-inspired photos featuring men of different sizes, race and sexualities has fast become a 'movement' of sort.

"I had no idea it would become a viral sensation. I am beyond grateful and shocked," Carroll told PEOPLE. "Doing this project is purely a labour of love. I thought, if I reach a small amount of poeple, that's fine. But I would be beyond blessed if I'm allowed a platform to inspire a mass amount of people."

 The idea of EveryMAN came about last year but almost didn't happen. Carroll knew that once he made this project that he himself would have to deal with his own body issues as well.

"I'm a photographer. I'm used to being behind the camera and now I'm in front of the camera."

"I had my own 'a-ha' moment when I started to realise I have my voice as a fashion photographer and I need to speak about this," he continued.

 Creating the EveryMAN project to empower and inspire, Carroll hopes to create a safe space that will serve to liberate men worldwide from self hate.

As he prepares to expand his vision, he hopes to stay true to his original vision.

"My overall goal is to essentially cause a shift in consciousness in society specifically in the fashion community," he says. "Showing body diversity and affecting men and how they see themselves and each other. I want everyone to feel a little more confident in their own skin and be their genuine self."



Hump day motivation from Dani


Tuesday, 29 August 2017

Instagram vs. Reality

Everyday we're bombarded by beautiful looking people with the most incredible bodies and we can't help think to ourselves 'will I ever look like that?!'

We push ourselves to reach these goals that some people don't even realise are completely unrealistic - it's that joke that we all know about what you look like in a picture you uploaded compared to one that you are tagged in.

That's why when we stumbled upon presenter, model and lifestyle blogger Chessie King's Instagram page we were all for it.

Known for her sexy posts, King posted side-by-side images of her 'bikini bod' earlier this month to show that you can look completely different from one angle to another and that lighting also plays an important role.

Admitting to struggling with body confidence in the past, the model stresses the importance of feeling good not just for yourself but for life.

"I can change my body in 2 seconds, I feel good. I know I train consistently, I know I fuel myself well, I know it's okay to let my belly out when I'm sitting down next to the pool," the model posted.

Hoping that her 237K followers are true to themselves and always reinforcing body positivity and confidence, she urges them to "let your belly release, embrace it" and "give it a little jiggle."

And that we will!

The Best AW17 Campaigns

From supermodels to 'It' Girls and girl gangs, we've rounded up the best AW17 fashion campaigns that'll get you excited for the next season and those that you just have to feast your eyes on.



Alexa Chung for AG

Raf Simon's first offering of Calvin Klein 205 W39 NYC

Emily Ratajkowski for DKNY

Elle Fanning for Tiffany & Co.

Kendall for La Perla

Miu Miu

Riley Keough and Jaden Smith for Louis Vuitton

Slick Woods for Moschino


Vivienne Westwood

VMA's Red Carpet

The MTV VMA's, one of the biggest nights in pop took place this weekend with the one and only Katy Perry taking helm to host the 34th annual show.

Renowned for going above and beyond in terms of fashion, this even was no different. From the fashionable risk-takers to the down right weird. We've put together just some of our favourite looks.

Olivia Munn oozing sex appeal in Nicolas Jebran

Big winner of the night, Kendrick Lamar in Prada

Possibly the best-dressed band of the night, DNCE

Hit-maker Calvin Harris

She may have had the flu, but Lorde is hands down one of the best-dressed in Monique Lhuiller

Host Katy Perry in Stephane Rolland

Model Hailey Baldwin in a Zuhair Murad jumpsuit

And finally, hands down our favourite, Hailee Seinfeld in Versace

Bank Holiday Blues

Beat those Bank Holiday blues by watching our latest video with the one and only Mini Fit and Mini Mini Fit!

Friday, 25 August 2017

Jean Sizes


Go check out Megan's project with the BBC where she explains why jean sizes vary from shop to shop.

 Make sure you also tune in to BBC Radio 4 at 4:30pm to hear all about it!

What Not to do at Fits

Mini Fit is back and she's brought along Mini Mini Fit... have a watch at their tips and advice of what not to do at fits!

Thursday, 24 August 2017

Model Call



We're looking for any standard size 10's based in Brighton.

Must be ideally 30+ and available for two three hour fits per week.

- 5'5" - 5'7"
- Bust: 87 - 90cm
- Waist: 69 - 72cm
- Lower Hip: 92-96cm

Send images and measurements to


Set your reminder for tomorrow at 4:30pm because our very own Megan is on BBC Radio 4


Listen here 



Getting that measurement just right


Notting Hill Carnival 2017

Running annunally since 1966 every August Bank Holiday, the Notting Hill Carnival celebrates London's Caribbean community and is the perfect send off to Summer.

It has fast become one of the biggest events to hit the capital and one of Europe's biggest street parties with an expected two million attendees over the two days.

Spread throughout W10, the celebrations take place in the areas of Notting Hill, Ladbroke Grove and Westbourne Park, with the main parade starting over on Great Western Road, making its way along Chepstow Road onto Westbourne Grove and ending down on Ladbroke Grove.

So what do you need to know - the do's and don't's if you like:

- Do bring cash, the last thing you want is to be searching all through the Carnival to find a cash point

- Bring plenty booze and stock up on Red Stripe, you really don't want to be running out and having to source more

- Treat it as a festival and be prepared - we're thinking go with toilet roll because you never know what the state of the portaloo's are going to be like

- Bring a bag or bumbag that you can easily carry your drinks, coat, jumper etc.

- Do your research as to where the best music will be - there will be a different genre from street to street

As for what to wear:

Prints, prints and even more prints
The key to carnival is to be culturally appropriate and respectful. If you really want to go all out and feel the Caribbean vibe we suggest going for a more subtle approach.

Think tropical or patterned co-ords and bodysuits for girls and bold pattern shirts for the guys. Check out the festival edits on online sites as you're sure to find just what you're looking for.

Glitter galore
If you're one to keep dressing simple with T-shirts and jeans, or a simple dress then the key is to accessorise and go mad for glitter. Sprinkle that sh*t everywhere! 

Sturdy shoes
The carnival is not the place for pretty sandals and Birkenstocks. You want something with support and comfort, you're going to be on your feet all day! Opt for your go-to trainers and your feet really will thank you. You don't want to be the one of the group who's constantly complaining that your feet hurt.

Be prepared for rain
You've religious checked the weather forecast and it says sunny but come on now, this is England, expect some rain

Do not dress for a festival
Yes, this is practically a festival but that doesn't mean you should be wearing your typical festival get-up. No boobies out and booty shorts, you're in the middle of London not the middle of a field at V.

Keep it fun
Enjoy the three day weekend and go all out! Grap the glitter, sequins, metallics, onesies and have fun with your friends. This event only comes round once a year and it truly is the perfect way to say goodbye to the Summer.

Wednesday, 23 August 2017

Macdonald x McDonald's

And the most random collaboration of the year goes to... Julien Macdonald and McDonald's.

One of the most sort after designers, Macdonald, has teamed up with the fast-food restaurant to design a jewel-encrusted box to mark the expansion of the chains Signature Collection across the UK.


Only 1,000 of the diamante-studded boxes are being released at special events in branches of the chain throughout the UK.

Speaking on the collaboration he said: "This was something different and as a designer I am always looking for different things to do.

"The inspiration for the design came from baroque embroidery and furniture I like. The original is covered in real crystals and all different kinds of metallics and colours.

"It was almost like creating a jewellery box - I hope it becomes a collector's item."

Vice-president of marketing over at McDonald's, Emily Somers, said: "To partner with such an iconic designer as Julien Macdonald is fantastic."

The Signature Collection, including beefburgers, will be available in 900 chains by the end of the year.

And if you just can't wait and don't want to miss out on the chance of getting your hands on a bo, head over to the McDonald's website where you can sign up to events at various branches that'll have the limited edition boxes.

Model Call



We're looking for an experienced, good size 4 shoe model available for regular work - 2 half days per week: Tuesdays and Thursdays! 

Please send images and full measurements of both feet and body to


Prosecco Advent Calendar

It's only 124 days until Christmas - yep, we've looked it up - and we've already said goodbye to the Summer and started to look ahead to the colder months, so we might as well start thinking about Christmas and get into the festive mood, no?

Well, not quite yet. But it won't hurt to have a little look around. One thing that has most definitely caught our attention and stopped us in our tracks was the ultimate advent calendar for any woman or man out there - a Prosecco advent calendar that will bring all the bubbles this year.


 Behind each door you'll find a 20 cl bottle of an assortment of fizz including Prosecco, Cava, Sparkling Pinot Noir and Rose from Spain, Italy and Australia.

And once you hit Christmas Eve you'll be treated to a bottle of Laurent Perrier Champagne, how fancy!

And all this could be yours for £125 - which seems okay, we guess...

Swap chocolates for fizz and enjoy the festive period, you won't feel as half guilty.


Tuesday, 22 August 2017



Behind the scenes on another Mini Fit video. 

This time we have an extra Mini Mini Fit with us. 😍 

Head over to our YouTube channel soon for our latest video...

Mini Fits are BACK

The Mini Fits are BACKπŸ‘ŠπŸΌπŸ’― 

And they're helping prep the models fit backsπŸ‘›


Morning fits with Olga


Monday, 21 August 2017



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Fits with JJ


PJ's as Outerwear

We've all been there... not really wanting to get changed out of your beloved pyjamas but you just need to nip to the shops. The second you step foot out of your front door and you catch the attention of your neighbours, you're instantly judged. Judged on the fact that you even dared to leave the house looking like you just rolled out of bed and being judged on you're style of PJ's.

Will it ever be socially acceptable?

Well yes, yes it will!

Thanks to the style Gods such as Gigi and Zendaya, pyjamas are back. Well not actual PJs. Pyjama silk style co-ords are once again the next big thing.

Be bold and go for the full look and pair with heels or trainers or if you're not brave enough opt for the shirt and style with a classic pair of jeans. Keep accessories simple as the full co-ord is enough.

Check out our style inspo's below.


Scandi Style

Denmark, Sweden and Norway, the three countries with the greatest aesthetic have fast become the leaders of the trendsetting world.

The simplistic Scandinavian style has taken over all aspects of the design world; from fashion and street style to interiors, they simply can do no wrong. We now no longer look to the main fashion capitals of the world. Copenhagen and Stockholm have become the front-runners for inspiration - the effortless and minimalistic style has put Scandinavia well and truly on the map. 

With Danes going for a more playful feel, Swedes opt for a more minimalistic approach and the Norwegians upt the anty with glamour and embellishment. The differences are subtle but they are definitely there.

So just how do you nail the Scandi style?

Well, you'll need a few staple items and then build you're wardrobe around them. First up, you'll need a great coat - the ultimate coat you can go for is a camel navy or grey trench coat, knit coat or blazer; something that'll go with everything. Next up, pair with a simple pair of blue jeans - no rips or tears, nothing distressed just plain blue. Go for Mom jean instead of super skinny, this way you'll get that relaxed feel.

As for the top half, it's all about layering. Go for the basics, a simple white tee or plain white shirt and match with a great knit. The Scandi's are known for their uncomplicated style and most likely you'll see them in cool tonal monochrome but when it comes to seasonal pieces they've got that look down.

Not to be seen in head-to-toe Gucci, brands that will help you accomplish this look are H&M, Weekday, Cheap Monday, COS, Arket, Monki - the list just keeps growing and growing thanks to the popularity of the style.

 Key words you need to remember if you're going to master this look is sophisticated, comfortable, laid-back, stylist, minimal and easy to wear.

Keep it simple and you've got this look down.