Friday, 26 August 2016

Carnival Survival Guide

First things first, it's Carnival. Nobody actually calls it by its full name, unless you're an Aussie.

The Carnival kicks off this Sunday 29th August (known as 'Children's Day') and continues into Monday 29th. Spread throughout W10, the celebrations take over the areas of Notting Hill, Westbourne Park and Ladbroke Grove with the parade kicking off around 9am until 7pm both days.

Unless you're on a family day out with your little brother and sister then this is where you want to be. There maybe bright colours, flamboyant outfits, drums, and the perfect Instagram shot, but it's really for families. The further away from the parade is where it's at. You might even be lucky to stumbled upon a policeman doing a worm.
The only thing you should really be drinking at Carnival is: punch from a plastic cup and everybodies favourite, Red Stripe - from the can, of course! Anything else, then you're not really in the spirit of everything.
Don't bother buying food from the stalls. Yes, they may smell amazing and look delicious but they're just going to be overpriced. If you're up spending the cash then head for the family-run jerk chicken stalls. You can't really go wrong!

As the sun starts to set it's a good indicator that you should be moving on. Whether you carry the party on into the night or you just want to call it a night, it's the time to go home. Once the sun has gone down, the police mean business and you don't want to be caught up in those dramas.

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