Friday, 26 August 2016

Socks...Dad Style

Being located on Brick Lane you're bound to see a variety of fashion styles. But the one style here at Fittings Division we can't seem to get our heads around is young men wearing their socks pulled all the way style! So we decided to do a little research.

In recent years the style has become a key trend for guys, ever since the whole hipster movement came to light. The higher the sock, the cooler you are it would seem. Although this go to look used to be avoided at all costs before it came to the mainstream. After all who would dare to wear shorts and socks all together?

But it would seem that this trend is here to stay thanks to the growing popularity of skateboarding. The half-calf skater inspired look has become a signature style for young men these days. Ever since the rise of skater brands such as Palace, Thrasher and Nike SB along with skateboarding 'it boys' (if you like) Blondey McCoy and Lucien Clarke, it's cool to be a skater boy. Powerhouse Vogue has even jumped on the bangwagon ever since they called the Thrasher tee the latest must have item - much to the skater worlds dismay - and created Skater Week, in which they celebrate all things skater. 

The skater style looks like it isn't going anywhere and even though some of us think it looks a bit odd that's the beauty of the fashion world and the styles of London. You never know what the next big trend is going to be but we're excited to find out! 

*cue Avril Lavigne's Sk8r Boi* 

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