Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Controversy for Chanel

Chanel have been pushing the boundaries within the industry for years. From their designs to the products they produce. Surfboards, beach paddles, tennis rackets and balls, ski's - they're not ones to stay within the box. But it seems with their latest accessory for SS17, people aren't having it whatsoever.

We give you, the Chanel boomerang. For a mere $1,930 you can have the best time throwing around the "ultimate useless status symbol."

And it hasn't been well received by the public to say the least. After make-up artist, Jeffree Star, posted to his Instagram, over 86,000 people liked the photo but it was the 2,300 comments that have got everyone talking.

So why the big controversy? Well the glamourisation of the boomerang isn't sitting well with those who identify themselves as Aboriginal Australians, who find the product offensive.

One user wrote that it "humiliates a whole culture."

"I am from Australia and I am offended that a company would make a joke out of something that was used as a weapon as survival."

"It is no better than the fake inauthentic Aboriginal art from Thailand... except this is much pricier. At $1,930, it costs nearly 10% of the average income of Indigenous Australians."

When the Guardian Australian spoke to Chanel, they said they were "extremely committed to respecting all cultures, and regrets that some may have felt offended."

Are these luxury sporting items really that necessary? Who are the type of people that has that much money spare to spend on over-the-top items? And more importantly what prompted them to buy them?

We're pretty sure, a standard boomerang from Sports Direct will do just fine and won't ben offended anyone any time soon.

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