Wednesday, 31 May 2017


It's a Friday night and your friends have bailed on you and you were really looking forward to having a few drinks and having a good time. But no, that's not on the horizon anymore and it's looking like a night in with a bottle to yourself, bingeing Ru Paul's on Netflix and snuggled up to your pet instead.

 Now we just slob about wine in hand, feeling somewhat guilty about polishing off a bottle all to ourselves. But now, times are changing. Your pets - cats and dogs, that is - can finally join in on your boozy nights in.

That's right, Pawsecco brought to us by the Woof & Brew Shop is descrived as the 'purrfect trea for those on four feet.'

Alcohol free with no grapes the non-carbonated 'wine' is a herbal infusion of elderflower, nettle, ginseng, limeflower and water and to be served over food.

Available in White or Rose, the wine has been created with 'the advice of veterinary experts', so there's no need to worry about what the effect might be.

Available to purchase from Woof & Brew's online shop for£2.99 - £7.49, it's the perfect treat for your best friends.

But due to many owners wanting to get their hands on the 'wine', there is high demand for the product. Looking at a waiting period of 7-10 days, hopefully it'll be worth the wait and won't turn your pet into some sort of wine drinking diva.

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