Thursday, 9 February 2017

Oscar Red Carpet Fails

With the 89th Academy Awards looming - Sunday 26th February - it's a night of film celebration. But for us, we're more interested in seeing what the celebs will be wearing; as will most people. To get in the mood for the Oscars, we thought, why not have a look back at the biggest fails on the red carpet and what not to wear on the biggest night of the year - we know there's WAY more out there, but here are our faves.

 Cher resembling some sort of peacock/ostrich/emu in Bob Mackie, who also went on to design more questionable outfits for the singer

 Celine Dion in some sort of oversized, backwards satin suit

 Bjork in THAT swan dress with an egg accessory of course

 Faith Hill looking like some sort of sassy bird of paradise

 Uma Thurman, who normally has it on point, going a little bit OTT with the whole Grecian vibe

Whoopie Goldberg may have raided Scary Spice's wardrobe for this number

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