Wednesday, 13 December 2017

Fashion 2017

As the years go on and social media continues to go from strength to strength, every day we're exposed to a whole new bunch of terminology and straight away they're adopted into our vernacular. And with fashion, this is no different.

Last year we saw certain words such as lit, slay annd basic at the forefront of fashion describing pretty much anything and everything that we were wearing the past year. And just like last year, global fashion search engine Lyst has analysed over 30,000 online articles from 100 different fashion and lifestyle publications to find the most used fashion words of the year. 

Looking at the most frequently occurring combinations and using sentiments analysis to find the most popular word, they found that 'power' was at the top of the list, making it the fashion word of the year.

Power in terms of colour, silhouettes, textures and powerful statements. Fashion in 2017 took a stance and fought back to all the madness that went on over the past year.

Runners up continued on the theme of power, with 'woke' coming in second and 'statement' in third.

As for the whole list:

1. Power

2. Woke

3. Statement

4. Floral

5. Millenial

6. Extra

7. Masculine

8. Cult

9. Ugly

10. Vegan


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