Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Sample Sizes

Yesterday it was announced that designers at London Fashion Week must show ''at least two sample sizes, one of which should be a UK size 12 or above,'' Women's Equality Party has said.

The WEP has launched it's #NoSizeFitsAll campaign and has called upon the British Fashion Council to encourage healthy bodies throughout the week.
Within the fashion industry a UK size 12 and above is considered to be 'plus size' with sample sizes as small as UK 4 and 6 is seen as ideal. The WEP has said "designers churn out sample sizes so small that models have to starve themselves to fit into them."

The campaign itself is aiming to tackle the growing number of women and girls suffering from eating disorders by going to the 'root of the problem'. They also want to make body image education within schools to be mandatory, for there to a change in the law to ensure models are of a healthy weight and to magazine to include one plus size spread in every issue.

The BFC have said that they have taken the issues raised within the campaign "very seriously" and have already implemented a number of measures at LFW, including; banning models under the age of 16 and providing food and drink backstage. 

This issue has been a cause for concern within the industry for many years now, and although something drastic does need to happen to change the images of models we
 just don't know how or when this change is going to come about. 

Visit Women's Equality Party to find out more 

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