Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Spanx... Do they really work?

Recently, thanks to the Kardashian-Jenner clan we have seen a rise in Spanx worn as outerwear and worn underneath sheer dresses. Kimmy K's husband's latest fashion show, Yeezy Season 4 was basically Spanx.  The wearing Spanx as outerwear trend seems to only be popular amongst the reality megastar family but it's no doubt that Spanx are a go-to item with others.

Spanx have been a household name for women and created a boom in the shapewear industry ever since the launch back in 1998, with creator Sara Blakely becoming America's youngest self-made female billionaire. Blakely wanted to create VPL-free undergarments that created a smooth look and a smooth canvas.

So, do they actually work...? Apparently so. 

If you get the right size, they can make you look up to ten pounds lighter by smoothing out the body, leaving you a clean silhouette. No muffin top or extra sign at the thighs - all your problem areas, literally gone. Not only that it'll be sure to give your confidence a little boost.

But as with every product there's pros and cons...the main con we feel is that yes it might make you look amazing but we can't help but thinking about the process of squeezing ourselves in and doing that little shimmy dance, you know the one.

Spanx can also effect our health. The amount of pressure that is put onto your stomach when wearing Spanx could be serious. Not only will it upset your stomach but it could also cause acid reflux. The other effect is that on our body image and confidence. There's already so much pressure on us to look a certain way, now people are using artificial products to live up to these unrealistic beauty standards. 

Spanx will forever be around, these days you can now get everything from shapewear to bras to swimwear! The possibilities are endless...

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