Thursday, 8 September 2016

Shop the Look

Now we've all been there. You're scrolling through Instagram and spot an outfit that you just have to have. But you just don't know where to find them and the person who posted the picture isn't up for telling. But thanks to Google all our prayers have been answered and brought out a  new service called Shop the Look, which allows you to purchase the items worn straight away.

Shop the Look takes what you're looking for, such as puffa jackets and searches social media and pulls together all the bloggers/influencers that have worn puffa jackets. Then you can flick through the options and choose your favourite pieces. Google will also provide where you can buy the garments and also suggest ones that are nearly identicial to what you want. It's like Shazam but for clothes.

All you have to do is type into the search engine what you're looking for, scroll through the influencer options and pick your favourite and shop direct from Google.

Keep a look out for the UK launch, coming soon!

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