Wednesday, 4 January 2017

And the Biggest Beauty Trend of 2017....

 It has been announced today by Vogue, that the biggest beauty trend of 2017 so far is... dad facials - or dacials, as we like to call them.

And turns out it's a pretty big thing, especially across the pond. 

Ling Skincare, a facial specialist in Manhattan, caught onto the trend and have started to offer facials just for men. Launching next month, men will be able to have 'The Gentleman's CEO Facial', which sounds just as fancy as it is. For a two hour long treatment, yep two hour... you will not only get face, neck and shoulder massage along with a deep clean, but also your face gets the full works; enzyme exfoliation, an oxygenating mask, infrared energy exposure, extractions and a charcoal mask! And men say us women take too long getting ready...

But this has become the norm. It has become fashionable and some what expected for men to take an interest in their skin and have some sort of routine. So expect to see man facials appearing at spa across the country and a lot more glowing faces.

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