Thursday, 12 January 2017

Dumpster Dive Hauls

 YouTube is a strange place - to get the most views and subscribers you've got to be different, find that edge - especially if you're a beauty vlogger, there's only so many make-up tutorials you can do. From the 100 layers of foundation and 100 layers of nail varnish challenges, these girls and boys are trying their hardest to get them views.

Now the latest craze has become plain weird, and maybe some what desperate...dumpster dive hauls. Yes, girls are jumping into bins to find make-up which has been thrown out by beauty shops. Turns out that retailers don't donate return items or keep them for themselves, they throw them straight in the bin - some of which are still in perfect condition.

We're not quite sure if we would be up for this challenge, but these brave souls are finding some bargains. They don't just find the odd mascara, they find hundreds of pounds worth of goods ranging from eyeshadow palettes from Too Faced and Urban Decay to perfumes and lotions. Most of which haven't even been opened.

After reading that would you be tempted to dive through the bins behind Boots or Superdrug if you're low on your favourite foundation?

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