Friday, 27 January 2017

As Sweet as Chocolate, As Light as Air

Are you like us and on a mission to shed those pounds you put on over the festive period, but still can't get enough of every treat out there - especially chocolate? Have you resorted to have a cheeky smell of your favourite chocolate bar or any other treat you find lying around your house? If you cried 'yessss' then we've found something for you.

Introducing, Le Whif, the answer to all chocoholics prayers. Le Whif is a lipstick-shaped aerosol that sprays particles of dark chocolate into the mouth - a way of enjoying chocolate without any of the calories.

David Edwards, a professor from Harvard, who invented the spray, says that it only take a touch of chocolate to satisfy our tastebuds.

"When you breathe the chocolate into your mouth, it dissolves immediately and coats the tongue and taste buds." Edwards said. "Le Whif is a new approach to eating, by breathing."

The product has been around for some time now, so we're not quite sure as to why we've never heard of this before - and we're also unsure of where to actually buy it! But it seems like a rather interesting concept.

Does it work though? Aren't smells supposed to make you even more hungry...

We're not sure on this one, but it would be interesting to try.

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